Smile your way to a more fulfilling life!

It is our mission at Unlimited Smileage to be agents of change for worldwide happiness and the spread of kindness currency; by spreading joy, bringing smiles to people everywhere and showing you ways you can be an agent of change. Unlimited Smileage is about creating a movement that reaches all corners of the world, a ripple of kindness that starts with you.

This is a community of friends, anyone is welcome to become a friend, you only need to bring happiness to the world in your own unique way. We are proud to support survivors in their quest for finding some sense of normalcy in their lives and in regaining the confidence they need to move forward.

On the other side of hope there are infinite possibilities. We strive to inspire everyday people around the world to live their most amazing life, to move from unhappy to true happiness. On the other side of fear, you will find your dreams. We can all make a difference in the world one smiling face at a time.

Thank you for joining me here, together we will be the change!

The smallest shifts can create the biggest changes in your life. I’m here to show you how to smile and laugh your way to a more fulfilling life.

Each one of us have gifts to share with world, find yours and you will find your purpose. One person can change a the someone that changes it for the better….not sure where to begin, start by smiling and showing kindness.

As someone who knows first hand what survivorship is all about, Unlimited Smileage is simply about sharing kindness with others and inspiring you to do the same.

Chris Barrett 97 X 146px“Vicky is the soul of compassion to cancer survivors. She works tirelessly as a survivor advocate and is an example of how one committed person can make a difference. Through sharing her inspiring story she prepares anyone to take on any challenge and make a difference.”

Chris Barrett, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Target Media Inc. 

MAZ_3890 (ZF-2172-57637-1-013)“Vicky inspires with the words she writes and the actions she takes. She talks the talk, more importantly walks the walk, or in her case, rides the ride. After meeting virtually through a TED talk, she went above and beyond to meet in person. She has shared her skill set with me in my work. I’m honored to know her and call her friend. “

–Kristin Pedimonti Storyteller, Literacy Outreach

MAZ_3890 (ZF-2172-57637-1-013)“Vicky brings a depth of personal experience to the videos she writes about for KarmaTube.  Her descriptions and “be-the-change” action items engage the viewer to look deeper into an issue, but also to discover themselves in the viewing.”

–Yoo-Mi Lee, KarmaTube Project Coordinator.