Smile your way to a more fulfilling life!

The alarm goes off, you jump out of bed, stub your toe on the nightstand, trip over the dog, no time for breakfast, you’re stuck in traffic, you’re going to be late for that meeting, and now you realize you left your phone at home. You know for sure that this day is going to, well–suck. Have you ever felt like when one thing goes wrong the rest of your day is just a downhill slide from there? Have you experienced the opposite? The alarm goes off, you’re feeling great, energy levels are high, breakfast is as good as it gets, you’ve hit every light as if they were synchronized just for you, you’re the star of the meeting, and the phone explodes with good news. Nothing can bring you down from Cloud 9.

The ability to get back up one more time than you have been knocked down is essential to living life on your terms. We can all smile our way through adversity!

What if your adversity is life-altering; cancer, domestic violence, rape, molestation, job loss, losing your home? I’m sure you can add to this list. How can we smile through life-altering experiences? Can we? The short answer, YES! I know because I have gotten up from all of those things and more and I did it with a smile in my heart.

The smallest shifts can create the biggest changes in your life. I’m here to show you how to smile and laugh your way to a happier, healthier you.

Each one of us have gifts to share with world, find yours and you will find your purpose. One person can change a the someone that changes it for the better….not sure where to begin, start by smiling and showing kindness.

As someone who knows first hand what survivorship is all about, I am here to share the key principles to success, smiling through adversity, and getting back up when life knocks you down. Contact me for one on one or group coaching.”

Chris Barrett 97 X 146px“Vicky is the soul of compassion to cancer survivors. She works tirelessly as a survivor advocate and is an example of how one committed person can make a difference. Through sharing her inspiring story she prepares anyone to take on any challenge and make a difference.”

Chris Barrett, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Target Media Inc. 

MAZ_3890 (ZF-2172-57637-1-013)“Vicky inspires with the words she writes and the actions she takes. She talks the talk, more importantly walks the walk, or in her case, rides the ride. After meeting virtually through a TED talk, she went above and beyond to meet in person. She has shared her skill set with me in my work. I’m honored to know her and call her friend. “

–Kristin Pedimonti Storyteller, Literacy Outreach

MAZ_3890 (ZF-2172-57637-1-013)“Vicky brings a depth of personal experience to the videos she writes about for KarmaTube.  Her descriptions and “be-the-change” action items engage the viewer to look deeper into an issue, but also to discover themselves in the viewing.”

–Yoo-Mi Lee, KarmaTube Project Coordinator.

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