And the Emmy goes to..

This post is dedicated to the team at PBS and WITF Facing Cancer Together. Congratulations on the honor of being chosen for the Mid-Atlantic Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Service.  Facing Cancer Together embodies the spirit of survivorship and my current mission.  I am honored to have been a part of your tremendous community efforts.

There is an important lesson here for all of us.  Working together toward a common goal is much more effective than each of us struggling on our own to  reach the same goal.  We have a much greater impact on the world around us if we connect our energies and focus on the big picture.  We all play a part, we are all a piece of the bigger puzzle.  No matter how big or how small your contribution to community, the puzzle is not complete without all the pieces.  No matter what cause is close to your heart, you play a valuable role.

Think of yourself as an ongoing supply of energy, everything is energy, energy creates, the more you use, the more quickly you create.  Imagine the outlet on your wall, use it the way it is and you can plug in two appliances for charging.  Take that same outlet and put in an adapter to expand it’s use and you can double or even triple the amount of energy and electricity coming out of that same outlet. By focusing on yourself you limit the amount of energy that you output because there is only one of you.  By focusing on others you multiply the amount of energy you output by the number of others on who you focus.

There are so many wonderful organizations all working toward the same goal, quality of life for survivors and a cure for this disease that claims so many lives.  It is obvious that much thought and care went into making this campaign happen and getting it right.  If you are a cancer survivor, know someone who is, have been touched in any way by this disease, I’m sure that this campaign has something that will inspire you and I would encourage you to  check out all the wonderful online resources.

Begin each day by asking “What can I give to another?” and then “What can I give to myself?”  It is important to never reverse the order of these questions.  When you keep them in this order the 1st question always answers the second one.  What you give to someone else, you give to yourself.  Give a smile and serve with kindness each day!