Where do the experts go?

Have you ever wondered where your doctor goes if he or she is sick? Who does Tony Robbins talk to when he needs coaching? If you are considered an expert, the best at what you do, does that mean you never need a mentor, someone to turn to for guidance? Do these people ever fail? Do they ever make a mistake?

Think about how many times in life we put someone on a pedestal, we believe they are super-human..after all they are the best at what they do. They are the best at their sport, their coaching skills are unmatched, they are always on top of their game. You can apply this to whatever someone is good at.

In thinking about so many recent headlines, Lance Armstrong and his doping confession is the first to come to mind. In my years of working side-by-side with him and his foundation I have defended him on more than one occasion. When the confession went public, I will admit to feeling betrayed, feeling foolish for having believed in him, for having put him on a pedestal.

Was I as much to blame for this as he was? As I look at it now, I take some responsibility. I was no different than anyone else who idolizes another human being. I expected super human powers from ordinary people. Those people we idolize, although not blameless, are under extreme pressure to live up to our expectations. That doesn’t seem fair.

This post is not about any one particular situation, it is not about Lance. This post is about why we choose to look at people as if they are more than human. It is about why, with my expertise in overcoming extreme life challenges, I find it nearly impossible to admit to anything remotely human. It is about why I find it difficult to tell the world, I found a challenge I don’t know how to handle.

I’m going to lay it on the line. I want nothing more than to have my “random acts of kindness” movement be successful. The journey is not going as I had envisioned it would. Does that mean I give up? No way! Does that mean I change the way I envision things will go? Maybe. Does it mean I look for advice, coaching, and a mentor for myself? Absolutely! Advice, coaching, and mentoring doesn’t need to come from someone who is skilled in those areas, it doesn’t need to come from someone who makes their living doing these things. We need to be open to finding answers wherever they may be presented and from anyone who may be in our lives. Anyone can be a teacher.

Here is a piece of advice from a great friend, 🙂 Kristin Pedimonti, that is stuck in my head, “Be sure the voices you are listening to are your own.” I have decisions to make and I’m not sure the voices I’m listening to are my own.

Here’s where you come in. I would love to hear what tools you use in your life when you have major decisions to make. How do you know the voices you are listening to are your own?

Sincere Smiles!

Choppy Seas

Everything seems like smooth sailing and then it happens….a tsunami..choppy seas…and once again we are left wondering, why. It is natural to want life to run smoothly with no real hiccups.

Have you ever thought about what your day, your week, your year, your life would be like if you never had a single problem? BORING! No challenges, nothing to spark your creativity, nothing to bring excitement to your day. The world would never change..everything today would remain the same tomorrow.

The world would never see a new innovation, a new invention..after all aren’t those things simply answers to problems? This Mac I’m typing on was simply an answer to a problem. The computer or smart device you are reading this on, an answer to a problem.

It would seem that if you are searching for a new business idea, it is a simple as finding a solution to a problem. If the problem exists in your life, it almost certainly exist in the lives of others. If you have a question that you see no one has answered, answer it for yourself and you will have answered it for others.

Does the question always need to have a complex answer? Speaking for myself, I have no desire to solve the problems of the technology world. I’m more of a “practical solutions to everyday problems kind of girl.” Although until recently I never realized how often, I saw a problem, did nothing about it, only to discover some time in the future..someone else was getting rich with the solution to my problem in a way that I could have had I acted on the tsunami.. Most of us would say that at some point in our lives we have uttered the words, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Is fear keeping you from trying? Remember there are no failures…only experiences that teach us how not to do something…and I have plenty of those.

What are you waiting for? I know that some of you reading this have ideas you have been sitting on. I teach martial arts to young children and when we teach a new skill that they may not need to know until further up in the ranks we always ask this question…”When is the best time to learn?” The answer from the kids..”Now Sahbumnim.”

There is no better time than “Now” to face the choppy seas..take on the tsunami…answer the questions in your life. When life creates the big waves..be the wave. If you have a thought or an idea and you just want to get some feedback on it..don’t hesitate to bounce it in my direction for feedback.