Vulnerability, Lessons from a Broken Tooth

In many situations in life we must be willing to be vulnerable. If you want to find love, you must be willing. If you want to pursue a dream job, you must be willing. Want to learn something new, you must be willing. In almost every aspect of life we must be willing to screw up, show our true self, be who we are and let down the walls.

We must be willing to accept that we are not perfect, we are however, pure love. We come from love and we are made up of love. Does that mean nothing will go wrong? No.

I found myself in a vulnerable position this week and I am here to say, vulnerability may have led to a bad decision. Broken tooth–filling fell out in my sleep–no dentist–visible infection–no insurance–not much cash–fear–can’t eat–get the picture? In that vulnerable state, I realize I must do something so I search the internet for a dental office nearby that will see emergency patients. I find a well known chain and they tell me to come in immediately, exam and x-rays free for new patients.

Tons of x-rays and an evaluation, the dentist tells me there isn’t enough tooth to save, she recommends extraction with sedation (because of my fears). This is on Monday, they can do the surgery Wednesday. I’m concerned that if I don’t do it immediately I will have worse problems and my fear will keep me from doing what needs to be done. The bonus, I don’t have to pay it upfront.

I take the appointment, get a signed release from my doctors office to have the extractions done under sedation, and arrange for my transportation. Several times through this experience I felt like I was getting signs that were saying don’t do this, go elsewhere. I ignored them because I have such a great fear of the dentist that I believed it was my fear talking. It isn’t always easy to know if you are receiving a clear message from the universe of it is just fear getting in the way?

Without going into too many details, I will say this–there was a screw up with prescriptions, there are 3 different doctors listed on my paperwork but only one doctor was present, my face is still swollen, I won’t tell you what my gums look like, and they scheduled no post op. Told me if you aren’t getting dentures, you don’t need a post op.

It can be difficult to allow yourself to be vulnerable after coming through extreme challenges. We all build walls of protection. Yet the only way to move on from those situations is to allow yourself to be vulnerable again.

I’m hoping for a happy ending to my toothache and that will mean I will need to be vulnerable again. Without that vulnerability the pain can only get worse.

What have I learned from a broken tooth–vulnerability and physical pain may not be a good combination, at least for me. Be sure I have a dentist when in one area for any length of time. Don’t immediately assume that fear is talking and particularly if you get the same message more than once. And the biggest lesson of all–I’m still human.


Child’s Play

Have you ever noticed that most children have no filters? They show raw emotion. They say whatever is on their mind. Many times they seem fearless. I have a granddaughter who always trusted someone would catch her and would climb up onto anything she could find and jump, even if no one was close. I can remember running to stop her from certain injury, as she laughed and jumped. I’m sure all of you can think of a child like this. Maybe you were that child.

Children will do things we as adults only wish we had the courage to do. I was recently reminded of a story involving one of my nieces. She was about 9 years old, out with her mom, when suddenly she took the change she had in her hand and threw it on the floor of the store. How would you have reacted to that? Probably the way my sister did, first in shock and then questioning why she would throw money on the floor. What happened next is not what you would expect.

Was she just an ungrateful child? Nothing could be further from the truth. Her answer to her mom was simple and profound. She stated, “Mom, haven’t you ever seen the joy on a child’s face when they find money on the floor?”

My phone rang this evening, it was one of my brothers. He was filled with joy and had to share his evening with me. He had just been at my youngest daughter’s house. He said, her oldest son was in bed because he was tired out from a long day with friends. He came downstairs, walked over to my brother, wrapped his arms around him and stated, “I’m tired, but I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would come down and say hello.”

I’m sure you have witnessed many of the wonders of a child. Think about the child you see dancing when there is no music. When is the last time you did that? At what point in our lives do we transition from that child who acts on what they feel to the person who is more concerned about what people may think of them if they do something just because their heart tells them to?

Have you ever wanted to pick up the phone and just call someone to say thank you for being you and then decided that may be silly? Have you ever wanted to say thank you to someone for smiling and saying hello? Maybe you just want to put a little dance in your step. What stops you from doing the things that are in your heart? Are you too busy thinking about what others may think of you?

My challenge to you-think outside the box as you go through your day. How can you make a difference, what can you do that is nothing more than child’s play? Here is an example: I recently enjoyed a meal at a dining establishment near me. I observed the normal things, the host was polite, my waitress was prompt and courteous, and the food was delicious. However, it went beyond the norm, I noticed how beautifully the food presentation had been done which made the food even more appealing. How many times do we acknowledge the person who preps our food?

At the end of my meal I asked the waitress to please call out the person that had prepared my food, both seemed a bit nervous. In a society that focuses more often on the negative, I’m sure they were wondering what was coming next.

As the young lady approached, I asked, “Are you the person who prepared my food?” I wish you could have seen the look on her face when I handed her a Karma Card, a hand written Karma Companion Card and a tip. Let’s just say, it was priceless, a smile for miles.

Find just one thing you can do that will brighten someone’s day today. Tip the cook, say hello to a stranger, dance without music, call someone you haven’t spoken to in quite some time and say hello, thank someone you love for just being who they are…jump and trust that someone will always catch you.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t dance!!

Creating Your Reality-Choice or Chance?

Have you ever felt like your reality is more random and chance than it is creation? We all have those times when we feel like we have little control over our reality and that most of what happens in life is a matter of randomness and happenstance. Is it really or are we not expanding our awareness enough to see that our reality is created in the randomness and happenstance?

Virtually everyone has experienced coincidences at some point in life. Most will simply right them off as nothing more than coincidence. Many of us will miss the relevance of the synchronicity. What if you changed your perspective and understood that coincidence is a glimpse into the greater creative mind and your Source?

We have all heard someone say, “I was in the right place at the right time.” when asked about a success in their life. What separates those people from the people who just write off the coincidences in their lives is simple. Those successes are woven around the ability to pay attention to the synchronicity that occurs, when it occurs.

Here are a few tips for recognizing coincidence in your own life and the benefits of paying attention:

  • Live in this moment. Your awareness should be focused on the here and now.
  • Practice daily meditation. As you meditate you will expand your conscious awareness and your ability to recognize coincidence.
  • Live mindfully. Focus on each activity throughout your day without letting your mind wander to the past or future.
  • When you recognize synchronicity in your life, question it’s purpose.
  • Expanded awareness and paying attention to those things you may consider coincidences can bring you to live in a state of grace.
  • The more aware you are, the more you will find coincidence happening in your life.

In my own life, I have many moments of synchronicity. Most recently, I was prepared to leave on a travel assignment. I was excited but I really felt that I needed just a few more days to prepare myself for the new adventure so I opted to meet up with the group in the middle of the week. All the arrangements were made, including transportation. The night that I made the decision not to leave I received an email from a family requesting my assistance. Had I not listened to my gut I would have missed the opportunity that was presented. Was it a coincidence that I didn’t feel I should leave? No. Should I have ignored the email and continued on? I don’t believe so.

I could have dismissed the email and told myself that a plan is a plan and it is just a coincidence that they emailed me when they did. I can tell you now, that had I done that I would have missed out on a beautiful experience. If I had chosen to leave when I was originally supposed to leave I would have been stuck halfway to the desired destination. I found out the group I was to be leaving with had several breakdowns on the way to their final destination.

Are you listening to the messages the universe is presenting to you each moment of the day?