Small Stuff

One of my favorite books is “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s All Small Stuff.” If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and try to find a copy. The title says so much.

All too often in life we find ourselves fearful of things that never happen. Most of what we worry about will never come to fruition. The question then would be, “Why stress?”

What do we gain from stress? The negative effects of stress on the body are well-known. Research shows that psychological stress causes a multitude of physical ailments. Reading this piece from the Mayo Clinic touches on the effects of stress.

If we aren’t getting a physical benefit from stress there must be another need we are meeting. I’ve learned in my own life, that if I can determine what need I’m meeting with my worry or some other negative emotion, I am able to make the necessary change to grow and meet my needs in a higher quality way.

Focus on something in your life that causes you stress. What do you get from that situation? Does what you are worrying about get you the love and attention you want from someone? That someone could even be you. Maybe what you are stressed about allows you to feel accepting of yourself.

Are you feeling bored and using this to add variety to your life? We all need variety in our lives and although we don’t look at stress as something that may be used when we are bored, it is a very real way to add variety to your life.

Maybe what you are stressed about gives you a sense of safety and certainty. We have times when worry is the only thing that seems to give us a feeling of control.

In the grand scheme of life, it is important to realize that are few things worth stressing over. This moment is all any of us have, are you spending it in a way that makes you happy, adds to the happiness of those around you, and serves a greater good? If you answered yes, congratulations, you are one of the few. If you answered no, or you’re not sure, this is an opportunity for growth and change. What will you do with it?

Dream it! Wish it! Do it!

Do you dream of doing things in your life that seem impossible? Every dream starts out that way. It’s up to us to bring that dream into reality and it starts with small steps. The first step, believing that you can accomplish whatever your heart desires.

I ask myself two key questions when determining if I believe a specific dream can become a reality. Will this dream serve the greater good of the community and world? Will I grow from the accomplishment? If the answer to both is yes–I have a winner.

After getting that resounding yes to my two questions, my dream has gone from impossible to probable. So how do you get from probable to inevitable?

Here are a few steps to get you started on the path to realizing your dream, whatever it may be, getting healthy, weight loss, education, conquering addiction, getting out of a bad relationship. These steps can be used for nearly every goal you may have.

  • Decide on something you can do right now, this moment, toward that dream. It may be something as simple as research, a phone call, or meditate on the next step to realizing your dream.
  • Next you will need to decide what it is you can do each day forward.
  • Take out a pen and paper or sit at the computer and write out a few things each day that would bring you closer to your where you want to be.
  • Tell someone else about your dream. If we share our goals with others we are more likely to continue working on them.
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable. Find a friend that supports you and believes in what you are doing and ask them to check in with you once a week to see how things are going.
  • Create a vision board and look at it daily. If we can see our dream, it becomes more real to us.
  • Express your gratitude on a daily basis. Being grateful for what we know is our reality coming to life will bring more of that reality to be grateful for.

Celebrate your victory.

I’m going to share one of my dreams with you and you can hold me accountable. I enjoy what I’ve been doing for the last few years with Unlimited Smileage. I enjoy coaching survivors, speaking to groups, and spreading kindness wherever I go. One of my biggest dreams is to take a specific training that I believe will facilitate my growth as a coach and allow me to contribute more to my community and the world. This training has always been financially out of reach. I’ve changed the way I view this and although I don’t know how, this training will happen in the very near future.

What are some of your dreams? Dreams become reality, one choice at a time!