Kindness Starts With You!

We all have those days when we believe our kindness goes unnoticed and we wonder, “Where are all the kind people in the world?”

You are cut off in traffic and shouted at by the driver. You ask for customer service and what you get is someone who could care less about the customer. Everyone around you seems to be having a bad day. On these days it is so easy to give up and give in to the negativity. It is these days that we need to push forward with kindness and bring our awareness into the moment.

Even if the only thing you can do on any particular day is to be kind to yourself, do just that. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally indulge in. Look at yourself in the mirror and see your true beauty. Being kind to yourself helps you to see the kindness around you.

Opening your heart allows energy to flow through. Resist the urge to close your heart to the world around you, a closed heart is a stagnate heart.

Be Inspired! I found this very fitting poem quite some time ago, I’m not even sure where or just who wrote it, but it is very fitting for this post.

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden,
Keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds.