Because I’m Happy

The song of the hour, as most of us know, is “Because I’m Happy.” I admit, I am hooked. I can honestly say that at least once a day that song plays and replays in my head. However, as catchy as that song is, do most people understand true happiness? In my opinion, no. In talking to people, I find that most peoples happiness depends on outside circumstances or other people. What happens if those circumstances change or those people go away?

True internal happiness is a moment by moment process, easier for some than for others but attainable by all. My own personal experience has shown me that in my life there are many ways for me to achieve a level of happiness each day. One such way is through adventure, new discoveries. I would be hard pressed to find a day in my life that I don’t find at least one new exciting adventure that I hope to embark on. Today is no exception.

Does an adventure need to involve leaving where you are? Can we have an adventure right where we are at this moment? I believe we can. An adventure can be something as simple as trying out a lifestyle change, maybe what we eat or the form of exercise we get. Maybe the adventure is learning something new and expanding our minds.

Expanding my mind to learn things I had never thought possible is one of my most exciting, daily adventures. I’m currently on a year long journey with a training I believed would never be possible for me and yet the universe provided. (More about this later.)

Have you ever started researching something and found that in doing so, your research had a sort of domino effect? One thing leads to another, and another and before you know it you have forgotten where you started out in the first place. I believe we are guided to what we need. We simply need to listen for that inner voice and follow.

I followed that voice today and found this beautiful mantra video. I want to share it with you, “Because I’m Happy.”  It was a graceful, serene, highlight to my day.

Live each day in the knowledge that each of you is important to me and to the world. You are loved and appreciated. The light in me honors the light in you.


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