Creating Your Reality-Choice or Chance?

Have you ever felt like your reality is more random and chance than it is creation? We all have those times when we feel like we have little control over our reality and that most of what happens in life is a matter of randomness and happenstance. Is it really or are we not expanding our awareness enough to see that our reality is created in the randomness and happenstance?

Virtually everyone has experienced coincidences at some point in life. Most will simply right them off as nothing more than coincidence. Many of us will miss the relevance of the synchronicity. What if you changed your perspective and understood that coincidence is a glimpse into the greater creative mind and your Source?

We have all heard someone say, “I was in the right place at the right time.” when asked about a success in their life. What separates those people from the people who just write off the coincidences in their lives is simple. Those successes are woven around the ability to pay attention to the synchronicity that occurs, when it occurs.

Here are a few tips for recognizing coincidence in your own life and the benefits of paying attention:

  • Live in this moment. Your awareness should be focused on the here and now.
  • Practice daily meditation. As you meditate you will expand your conscious awareness and your ability to recognize coincidence.
  • Live mindfully. Focus on each activity throughout your day without letting your mind wander to the past or future.
  • When you recognize synchronicity in your life, question it’s purpose.
  • Expanded awareness and paying attention to those things you may consider coincidences can bring you to live in a state of grace.
  • The more aware you are, the more you will find coincidence happening in your life.

In my own life, I have many moments of synchronicity. Most recently, I was prepared to leave on a travel assignment. I was excited but I really felt that I needed just a few more days to prepare myself for the new adventure so I opted to meet up with the group in the middle of the week. All the arrangements were made, including transportation. The night that I made the decision not to leave I received an email from a family requesting my assistance. Had I not listened to my gut I would have missed the opportunity that was presented. Was it a coincidence that I didn’t feel I should leave? No. Should I have ignored the email and continued on? I don’t believe so.

I could have dismissed the email and told myself that a plan is a plan and it is just a coincidence that they emailed me when they did. I can tell you now, that had I done that I would have missed out on a beautiful experience. If I had chosen to leave when I was originally supposed to leave I would have been stuck halfway to the desired destination. I found out the group I was to be leaving with had several breakdowns on the way to their final destination.

Are you listening to the messages the universe is presenting to you each moment of the day?

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