Welcome to the dedications page. This is a page filled with love. It is here where you can post a prayer, a message, or simply remember someone you love. This may be someone you lost to cancer or some other way. This may also be someone who is very much alive and you would just like to honor them. There doesn’t need to be a reason to show love. Please wrap your love in a small package so we have room for as much love as possible.

To Stretch:

We will never forget all that you did, and all that you stood for. You are our inspiration and will live in our hearts forever. May God Bless You.



To Alissa:
We will never forget your smile, your laugh and the way you fought cancer. You will be missed, but your light will live on in your children and everyone who had the opportunity to meet you. Until we meet again…



                                                To Mom and Dad:
Words cannot express how much I love you and the pull of my heart when I think of you. God could not have given me better parents. Thanks for making me the person that I am, and continuing to watch over me. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone or anything. When I feel the sun kiss my lips, I know its you. When I feel the weight lifted off my shoulders, I know it’s you. Until we meet again where the grass is its greenest, and the sky is bluest.


To Ada:
Everyone who knew you, loved you. We will never forget your smile and your willingness to do anything for anyone. You are missed and live on in our hearts.




To Jerry:
We will never forget how brave you were, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. We love and miss you so very much. You are and always will be in our thoughts forever.

Your Loving Family



To Michelle:
You left this world much too soon, your heart lives on in the two boys you left behind. I believe an angel was needed to hold the son you lost so long ago and you were called home. You are missed and loved…



                                                To Mom:
Who knew that mesothelioma from the asbestos you absorbed 65 years ago would finally take you down. But God was gracious, and you were ready! Thanks for the bedtime stories, thanks for the guidance, thanks for the consistency you displayed throughout your life in your graciousness, and in your thoughtfulness. We’ll miss you!


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