Success or Significance

Have you ever felt like you were living a successful life but there was still something missing? Are you a successful person?

One dictionary definition of the word success tells us it is the accomplishment of one’s goals. If you consider that definition in it’s simplest form, we are successful each day that we wake up, unless of course you have a goal of not waking up ever again. In that case, please find a friend to talk to, a support group or call an emergency hotline. Most of us can honestly say that we do hope to wake up from our much needed sleep and we are successful.

Continuing that thought process, we all have small successes throughout our day. We have a goal of going to work, or playing with our kids, or making dinner, or getting some fresh air as we head out on a daily walk. Successes like these may not be thought of as a success, you may not give any of the things you do throughout your day much thought. You should, it will instantly brighten your day, knowing you are a success.

However, does success bring happiness is the greater question. In some instances, yes, success brings happiness. If you were craving a great meal and someone just served it to you that would be a success that makes you happy. If you had a goal to play with your kids in the backyard for an hour and had more fun in that hour than you did all day–that is a success that makes you happy.

If you head out to work, bring home a great paycheck, have very little debt, but hate your job or feel you have no purpose, you may be successful but certainly not happy. How many times in life have you found yourself achieving a goal only to feel successful but unhappy? You got what you wanted, when you wanted it, but something was still missing.

Then you have those moments where you can’t sleep and you do something you find joy in but not something you feel successful at. Something that has significance, even if it is only significant to you and you are over the moon happy.

The key to joy, harmony and balance in life is to find success through significance. If what you are doing doesn’t make you feel significant, you may want to reconsider what you are doing. The ultimate success is found in doing something with your life that makes you feel significant to yourself and others. It has been said many times but it is worth repeating…”What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?”


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