What do people thank you for?

As we are set to enter a new year I’ve stopped to reflect on my life since I started this journey. I’ve experienced many blessings as well as times I wasn’t sure why I was on this journey.

I searched my heart for a question that would give me some answers. The question I came up with is, “What do people thank you for?” I’m not talking about things like holding the door or stopping at the store on your way home. I’m referring to things that go deeper and that are consistent in your life.

What is consistent in my life? Thank you for listening, when no one else will. Thank you for supporting me in the most challenging times of my life. Thank you for being honest with me even when it may not be what I want to hear. Thank you for fun times.

I answered the question and the answers were revealed. I know why I am on this journey. I am blessed.

Find what people thank you for and you will find your purpose.

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